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The Rise of Mobile Impact Crushers for Recycling


Mobile, track-mounted impact crushing plants are the most common type of crusher used in a range of recycling and construction applications, including C&D, concrete and asphalt recycling. MPEX compact, low-weight, highly mobile plants are easy to transport, offer fast loading and short setup times, low noise and dust levels, are ideal for smaller-scale recycling operations, for on-site recycling, and for tight-space urban and roadside applications. MPEX mobile impact plants can also be integrated with the MPEX latest screening technology and other high-tech components, including conveyors, magnets and options designed to add versatility and productivity for processing a wide range of materials. Overall range of capacity for MPEX mobile impact crushers is roughly about 200 to 600 tons per hour. With their capability to produce accurately-sized, cubical-shaped end-product, mobile impact crushers work well as stand-alone plants or they can add significant productivity to any operation, working in tandem with a jaw crusher or screen plant. 

MPEX mobile impact crushing plant for construction waste recycling

As the leading global manufacturer of mobile impact crushing plants, MPEX Corporation gains a little more insight into the benefits, features and evolution of this rising star of today’s C&D, concrete and asphalt recycling industries.

MPEX tracked impact crushing plants have evolved greatly over the last several decades as their designs have been continuously updated and as the crushing market has changed. Major trend is the introduction hybrid systems as opposed to diesel-hydraulic drive systems, and decreases in size, weight, fuel consumption, cost-per-ton, and sound and dust generation. MPEX impact crushers can be equipped with or without a built-in screen as well as many options specifically geared towards creating recycled materials. They are safer, more mobile, easier to maintain and operate, and are available with sophisticated machine automation and monitoring.

MPEX impact crusher’s ability to handle steel-reinforced concrete, along with custom options, such as plastics and wood-waste removal systems, washing systems and more, has enabled recyclers to create much higher quality end products, and crush and process materials previously deemed only waste, or too difficult to process.
The impactor has developed over the past 20 years to become one of the most important tools used in the recycling of C&D waste, the reason is the quality of the material and very cubical shape produced.